• Road safety education in schools
  • UWEZO Learning Assessment
    In 2011 PELO participated on a research initiative of Uwezo Tanzania, a fellow member of TEN/MET, as a local partner for assessing the learning outcomes for children aged 7 to 14 years in Ilala district. We recruited 60 data collectors and trained them on data collection in 29 wards after attending a training of trainers on Uwezo research and then supervised data collection and submitted the data to Uwezo Tanzania
  • Revival of Hope for School Dropouts (RoHoSD)
    From 2005 to 2008 the organization was implementing a program known as Revival of Hope for School Dropouts (RoHoSD), the project which aimed at supporting youths who dropped secondary education due to various reasons to have an access of reviving their learning and sit for National Secondary Education Examination. The beneficiaries of this project were out-of-school males and female youths. Our approach of implementing the program was, establishing remedial classes of which we had morning, afternoon and evening classes. Since the beneficiaries were having different occupations, we created a model known as Training on Appointment (T.O.A) which enabled a beneficiary to cover what he/she miss during a remedial class session. After completing the topical areas we were supporting the beneficiaries to register at National Examination Council and sit for examinations. On implementing this project we learnt a lot from implementing youth projects. There are beneficiaries who were sex workers, others were house maids and majority of them dropped schools due to pregnancies. Those who were sex workers were claiming to have been chased away from there homes upcountry after getting pregnant when they were students and conceived the idea of coming to Dar Es Salaam to seek for jobs but ended up on sex work. Joining the program to majority of the beneficiaries was driven by a regret of missing secondary education due to entertaining peer pressures.