Distribution of policy publications
PELO participates on analyzing policies and produce a series of policy publications through membership to Local Governance Working Group of Policy Forum. Among the recent policy publication is a policy brief on Sustainable Development Goals that we produced in partnership with Policy Forum and simplified version of National Five Year Development Plan (2021/22- 2025/26) that we produced in partnership with United Nation Association (UNA) Tanzania.

After participating on production of these publications we play a role of distributing them to the citizens and Local Government actors. We also distribute the publications produced by Tanzania Education Network/Mtandao wa Elimu Tanzania (TENMET) of which PELO is also a member.

 Implementation of ADLEF program.
Early 2021 we resolved to revive the implementation of the program and under the support of our media partner, The Judges Media, we have created a You Tube channel (@PELO Tanzania) special for a series of round table discussions on topical areas that are ideal to facilitate the learning processes of in-service primary school teachers who are open and distance learners of the OUT, and those from IAE for Diploma in Primary Teacher Education.

Orienting education officers on Education and Training Policy and Sustainable Development Goals
For 2022 we intend to orient Ward Education Officers and Primary School Heads on Education and Training Policy (ETP) of 2014. The orientation will stimulate their participation on the ongoing review of ETP. We also plan to have sessions of orienting them on Sustainable Development Goals particularly Goal 4.

Mobilizing survivors of school pregnancies to go back to school
The MOEST education circular No.2 of 2021 which was released on 24/11/2021 has brought a hope to girls who dropped schools due to pregnancies. From 2005 to 2008 we were implementing a project known as RoHoSD (Revival of Hope to School Droppouts) which aimed at enabling teens who dropout school due various reasons to complete it through informal learning at the remedial classes that we established. To respond on this circular we have resolved to revive this project whereby specifically we will raise awareness to the survivors and their parents in order for the survivors to go back to schools and we will organize a weekend life skills orientation to survivors in order to ensure that they have skills for self protection against school pregnancies and they become peer mentors of their fellow students.

Pilot implementation of ADLEF (Adult Distance Learners Facility) Program in Kisarawe
In 2017, PELO had a pilot  implementation of  a program known as ADLEF in Kisarawe district  , a program which facilitates the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) of in-service primary school teachers who a undergoing a diploma course in primary teacher education at Open University of Tanzania The learning facilitation is coupled with building their capacity of educational policy issues. We implemented a program in Kisarawe district from 2017 to 2018 by collaborating with with a support of KisaraweDistrict Education Officer and Ilala Centre Director of Open University of Tanzania. Key components of the programs being; establishing discussion units; and facilitating learning while building their capacity on public policies analysis and then supported to practice by establishing Teacher- Parent Associations (TPAs) as a part of Teaching.

After the pilot we resolved to establish a program in Temeke in Dar Es Salaam and Kibaha district in coastal region. We were able to request for permit to implement the program in these districts in 2019, but unfortunately the government had a long time of verifying the employments of civil servants to identify the ghost workers, the task which influenced the career development of teachers. But we were able to request the permits from the local government authorities and already received the permit to implement ADLET program in Temeke and Kibaha districts