Since October, 2020 to date, we are implementing a child protection program known as TUMLINDE, a program which aim at availing a technology on unveiling vulnerabilities of survivors of child rights and women violence. Our methodological approach is visiting survivors and interviews them and provides a financial support to survivors while taking videos and avail the video  to the YouTube channel and share the link to development stakeholders for mobilizing them to respond to the needs of survivors.We started to implement a program at the host communities of refugees in Kakonko district, in Kigoma region where we are hosted by a community based organization known as Kasulu Youth Development (KAYD) whose role is to identify the survivors who meet the criteria and arrange for support of village leaders who are also interviewed. We have already uploaded and shared the case stories of two women who were raped by Burundian refugees and after their husbands had known that their wives were raped they forsaken them with big families of children who are shedding tears for education. The two case stories are pending to be uploaded; one is about a girl who is in form two who was left by her male parent after her mother had died. She is leaving alone being a student who depends on doing odd jobs in order to get basic needs being vulnerable to school dropout due to pregnancy. Another case story is about a young boy who is in form three leaving with his young sister who is in standard three. They are leaving alone depending on doing odd jobs for basic needs after their father had died, her mother was married to another man and left them to unknown place leaving them in hard lives.Among the feedback we got after harnessing a technology on sharing the case stories of survivors to the development stakeholders is invitations that we received from different parts of Tanzania to go and meet with the survivors of women and child rights violence for interviewing them and unveil their vulnerabilities. We have already visited Mwanza region where we are hosted by a community based organization focusing on street children which is known as Nihurumie Child Group, based at Nyegezi area in Mwanza urban, which is on a stage of identifying the survivors and engagement of local government authorities.

Currently we do not have completed any program

Mainstreaming child protection in road safety education to bodaboda and bajaj riders
The response we received from various regions, after sharing the case stories of survivors of child rights and women violence in refugee host communities through the YouTube channel brought about a reality that every road accident has a direct impact to child welfare. We resolved to establish another stream of child protection which reflects on incorporating child protection on road safety education to Bodaboda and Bajaj riders (local motorcycle taxis)
Organizing child protection seminar series