Your donation of a dollar will have significance on intervening on vulnerabilities of survivors of women and child right violence in refugee host communities in Kigoma region, Tanzania.

Donate to two survivors of women violence

Two women survivors Beatrice (left) and Sophia  (right), were both raped by refugees when they were coming home from their farms. They were both left by their husbands after the incidents, with children who depend on them. They are both affected psychologically but also Beatrice was left with hand disability after raping. Both survivors are vulnerable to early death due to frustrations

Donate to two survivors of child right violence

The two children survivors who are both secondary school students lost their parents. Elisia lost her mother and soon after the death of mother, her father got married and left a child alone and went to unknown place with a new wife. She is a form two student living alone and she use to allocate some days for going to school and other days to do casual work in order to get money to get basic needs. She is vulnerable to school dropout due to pregnancy. Ignas is a form four student who lost his father and after the death of father his mother got married to other man and to unknown place leaving Ignas with his 8 year young sister who is a pupil of standard two. Ignas like Elisia allocate some days for school and casual work to fulfill basic needs for him and his young sister. Ignas is vulnerable to school dropout to odd jobs.