Online Volunteers
We are looking for online volunteers who can use their social media accounts to market our crowd funding campaign for livelihood and material support of survivors of child rights and women violence

Communication volunteer
We are looking for a volunteer who is conversant with managing website and social media

PELO ambassadors
We are looking for celebrities and persons with influence in their communities or globally who can avail their influences to market our crowd funding campaigns and advocate by taking our message to the people who need to hear it, when they need to hear it, so they can take action to end child right and women violence. These will be recognized as PELO ambassadors.

They will have the ability to share our crowd funding donation links for raising awareness of child protection-related issues with the right people at key moments. This could be at the local, national, regional or international level. They can open doors which would otherwise be shut; be a strong voice in the media; and inspire development actors.